Robin Hamill

Shopify Consultant

Hi, I'm Robin

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I'm an independent Shopify and E-Commerce consultant in Toronto. I help online merchants create unique buying experience that delight shoppers and drive sales.

Featured Work

Skiis and biikes

Skiis & Biikes


Custom built Shopify theme focusing on usability and performance for an institution in Canadian sports retail.

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Shopify Compare


Find the best value pricing plan for your e-commerce store on Shopify or Etsy


Black Wolf


Rebranding and streamlining of an existing masculine grooming brand, to better align with a growing and changing audience.


Your Nexxt


A web presence for a new yoga brand, specializing in natural cork yoga products.

What I do

I offer a variety of web services including Shopify ecommerce stores and custom web applications.

Contact me below to chat about your next project.

Any business can benefit from a new perspective, and a fresh approach to improve the shopping experience.

I would love to brainstorm about your next project, and explore ways of making your goals happen.

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