Robin Hamill

Independent Developer

Hi, I'm Robin

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I'm an independent Shopify and web application developer in Toronto. I build intuitive and functional web apps and e-commerce stores that engage users and solve problems.

Featured Work

Biggoal leadimage

Big Goal

Ruby on Rails

A fun web application to keep you motivated and help you complete your long-term goals.

Flyingsquerl leadimage

Flying Squirrel Motorcycle


Store migration to Shopify, with custom sorting features based on motorcycle year/make/model, and tire size.

Railschurch leadimage

Rails Church

Ruby on Rails

Blogging platform, and custom CMS Built on Rails, for Rails, and about Rails.

Bookbuddies leadimage


Ruby on Rails

A social app for book nerds, built with Ruby on Rails. Sign-up, make a group, add books, and invite friends to join the discussion.

Midpointmeetup leadimage

Midpoint Meetup

Ruby on Rails

Midpoint Meetup is an app designed to help friends find a mutual meetup spot halfway between their respective locations. Coffee or beer; your choice!

What I do

I offer a variety of web services including Shopify ecommerce stores and custom web applications.

Contact me below to chat about your next project.

I believe any business can benefit from a new perspective, and a fresh approach to improve experience.

I would love to brainstorm about your next project, and explore ways of making your goals happen.

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Get in touch

Let's work together!

Get in touch with me if you would like to kickstart your next web-app or e-commerce store, brain-storm your big idea, or play Codenames. I like to drink coffee.


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